As a one-person grassroots project, I haven't prioritized a website.  It seemed more important to make sure the project was staying true to its goals and growing steadily.  Now it finally feels like the right time.  I hope you enjoy it.  Moments ago I added a page called Gifts for You!  Bite-size videos to set the tone for your day! Check it out. 

The site is still under construction; there is much to fill in and finesse.  But then, it will always be a work in progress with new films and events to add.  So here's my wish: that this site and these films, make a difference in your lives and inspire us all to bring our best selves to the world!
3/20/2011 06:35:57 pm

Thanks Reba . . . Spending time going through this website has already made a difference in my day. And I haven't even watched all the bite-sized videos yet. Keep up the great work!

Blessings and light.


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    Reba Vanderpool

    Creating beautiful environments and events that support, uplift and nurture people has always been my passion. Creating film events that inspire and empower feels like a logical progression of that passion. Ahhh — service and beauty, a perfect combination that feeds my soul.  I'm grateful for the opportunity!

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